今天处理系统问题时,偶然发现 Console 里系统日志一直在打一些奇怪的错误日志,统计了下总数有 10w+ …

mtmfs 是个啥子呢

mtmfs is the Mobile Time Machine File System, that handles Local snapshots, both making them and managing them (consolidating, deleting, etc). They’re made on laptops running Lion whenever Time Machine is ON, whether you’re in range of your Time Machine backup destination or not. These are completely separate from “normal” Time Machine backups to an external HD, Time Capsule, etc.

Lion 以上的系统,只要打开了 Time Machine 就会启动 mtmfs 进程。查得 mtmfs 进程监听地址是 localhost ,本地 ping 发现不通。查看 /etc/hosts :
原来是自己测试时把 localhost 域给改掉了,改回来即可 localhost